Tuesday, April 14, 2015

San Jose to the Coud Forest - April 14

Got up at 5:30 AM at the sound of the alarm. I was a bit tired but really wanted to get going so didn't hesitate.

The view out of our window was a beautiful scene to be greeted by.

Got ready and went downstairs for breakfast to the Antigua restaurant where we had dinner last night. I ordered my usual a cheese and green onion omelette. They had a good buffet spread also and tea coffee juice etc.

The food here is typical of a U.S. chain restaurant, good but nothing memorable.

Walked around the property and admired the greenery.

We got picked up for the 1/2 day tour including the Poás Volcano and Botos Lagoon, our guide was Jesus (pronounced Yusus), he talk a lot was funny and entertaining. Although I an not quite sure there was much substance in anything he said.

I realized that I had left the charger to my phone still plugged in to the outlet, and had already checked out, wasn't too worried since I could use the iPad charger to charge the phone as well.

The weather was cloudy but dry at the lower level but as we got to the higher elevations it started drizzling and then light rain as we got to our destination.

The Poás glacier was completely covered and we were soaking wet, all we could see was the sign at the entrance.

We decided to bow out of walking further to Botos Lagoon and came back to the car and waited for the others. During the wait, had a nice chat with the driver.

We made a stop at souvenir store and rearranged transportation based on where people were headed to next.

When we got back, I went in to ask at the front door about my charger, the room had not been cleaned yet and the manager and bellboy went with me and we retrieved the charger - lesson learnt for the rest of the trip and other trips.

Our driver and guide from DCR (Destination Costa Rica) was William and he was really very good, knowledgeable, pleasant, energetic, pro active and full of good humor.

We stopped at Sarchi, which is where all the master artisan ar. We stopped and visited and also had lunch at a no nonsense wayside restaurant called La Finca.

This is how great food is supposed to taste like. The grilled sea bass was 10 times better than the one I had at Mariott last night.

Pretty soon we were on our way to be at El Silencio before dark. When we parted company with William, he was extremely happy with the tips, a completely pleasant experience for sure.

The El Silencio Resort and Spa is a beautiful property in just about the middle of no place. These are individual cottage suites, large well appointed and with a gorgeous view. It even has an outside Jacuzzi/spa. Glad we will have time tomorrow to enjoy the property after the morning bird watching program.

To my pleasant surprise they had excellent wifi in the common area, and reasonable cell coverage.

We are quite full from our big late lunch and decided to have a small dinner. I ordered the ravioli and Sudip a mushroom appetizer.

Looking forward to taking some pictures tomorrow, specially the view from our cottage.

Location:El Silencio Lodge

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