Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cloud Forest - April 15

Left for bird watching hike at 6:00 am after coffee and cookies. Our guide was a very young person named Kenneth.

He was a very earnest and dedicated person and really tried hard. We did see quite a few birds including wrens, humming birds, fly catcher. We also spotted the red Trogon, a beautiful bird.

Kenneth tried very hard to show us Quetzel, we did see it fly in and out but never in a position to see it well let alone take pictures.

Kenneth has a neat system, where he has pre recorded the bird calls from this area on his cell and plays them back through a small amplifier to call the birds. If nothing it was neat to hear the birds calling back, specially the Quetzel which has a loud raucous call incongruous with size of the bird.

It was drizzling on and off but the almost 2 hour walk was very enjoyable.

Came back to the Lodge and went in for breakfast, and was welcomed warmly in the typical fashion that appears to be the norm so far.

The breakfast, included with room was plentiful and tasty and the coffee delicious. We sat outside and quite enjoyed it.

We had bought two fresh mangoes and one papaya on our way here yesterday. We gave it to the kitchen staff, they served us one mango after dinner last light and half of the papaya and the other mango this morning. Everything being fresh tasted so different and so good including the eggs. The eggs are from the chickens they have on site and most of the vegetables are grown here as well. A well thought out and wonderful place for sure.

There is a trout pond on site which is fed by a mountain stream, very neat to watch.

Each table has a small potted herb, alternating between Rosemary and Mint, another nice touch.

The fresh trout for lunch was excellent.

After lunch we walked to the gatehouse to see the nest of a fly catcher. We did see the nest and the bird/s. Both the male and female were feeding the nestling. The horse stables were there as well with half a dozen horses grazing in front. They were mix of Chestnut, Paint, and an absolute white.

Sudip didn't have the right lens; since the weather was quite good we decided go back to our cottage and get it. Unfortunately we didn't take an umbrella and it started raining half way down there. The guard readily loaned us a umbrella and Sudip was able to get good pictures.

We went back and had coffee at the main lodge before going back to our cottage to do some packing and rest.

Soon it was time for dinner, I ordered the salmon trout, which is actually salmon colored trout and a glass of Patagonian Merlot, never had any wine from Patagonia so had to try it. It was quite good similar to the Chilean Merlots.

The presentation was great and the taste excellent.

All in all a good day and tomorrow we leave for Arenal.

Location:El Silencio Lodge

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