Thursday, April 16, 2015

El Silencio to Arenal - April 16

Slept in some since our pickup time was at 10:00 AM.

Ironically it's the clearest morning of the last two days and we could see patches of blue skies on and off, although the weather was generally drizzly and wet.

We had a leisurely breakfast and so was able to enjoy the beautiful view from our table.

Our driver was Jose, he was nice but not as customer service oriented as William was who we came to El Silencio with two days ago.

I was both sad and happy to leave the Cloud Forest. It is a beautiful and well managed resort but the weather was not conducive to taking all the many possible walks and hikes.

We stopped by a riverside, where there were a large group of iguanas, I have never seen one outside of the zoo. These were pretty large 4-6' in length at least.

We arrived at the Tabagon Resort around 12:30 and were told that check in time was 2:00 PM, so we decided to go to the resort and have lunch. The resort is around 200 meters away and there are shuttles running between the hotel and the resort.

The name of the restaurant is Ave del Paraiso, which means the bird of paradise. In this case it is referring to the flower which there are many on the premises. All this from a very helpful server with my asking. It's outdoor dinning and our server recommend the Rigatoni, so that's what we both ordered and it was very good.

They have a Mexican buffet for dinner, we decided to have dinner at the main restaurant in the hotel instead.

Came back to the hotel reception area and was now told that our rooms were not going to be ready before 3:00. As soon as we sat down and made ourselves comfortable, we were informed that the room was indeed ready, it was around 1:45.

I asked if we have a view of the volcano and was told I have view of the garden instead.

These people do not seem to be well trained in the way of the hotel and also are not as warm and friendly as the El Silencio Lodge.

So we walk into our room and the large picture window looks out on the Arenal Volcano, I am not complaining.

Another very pleasant surprise was that there is free wifi in all the rooms not just the common areas. The cell coverage however is kind of iffy.

I made a reservation for 7:00 PM at the Los Tucanes Restaurant.

We were welcomed with white sangria, a very nice touch and the first so far.

Ordered the grilled Mahi Mahi. It was excellent as all fish has been here generally.

Came back to the room and went to bed, have an early morning tomorrow.


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