Friday, April 17, 2015

Hanging Bridges - April 17

Today we are visiting the Hanging Bridges and will get picked at 8:10 AM, so another early morning.

Got ready in plenty of time and went to breakfast at the same restaurant where we had dinner last light.

We ordered ala carte, they also had a buffet. Even an egg over easy and two toasts taste great probably because the eggs are farm fresh and the breads baked daily. Then the coffee, Costa Rican coffee is really really good, full bodied and rich.

Pretty soon we were picked up and arrived at the entrance to the trail, a 3km loop. It is located just outside of La Fortuna. La Fortuna is a bustling town 10 km from our Lodge.

There are 16 in total, of which 6 are hanging/suspension bridges. Three non suspension bridges come first, starting with The Tarantula bridge, followed by the crested Guan bridge and then the Olingo bridge). After which comes the first suspension bridge, the fer de lance bridge.

The suspension bridges do sway a bit, but not nearly as much as other ones that I have heard from people about. The lush foliage below was beautiful and definitely worth the trip.

Also managed to see a poisonous tree frog, with a very loud voice compared to its size and all kinds of blooming plants of which the Lily was my favorite

There were 3 English speaking couples on the tour including us and very interestingly the couple from Vermont were the in-laws of our good friend's daughter. What a neat coincidence and what a small world.

The guide was a little problem,even though he was perfectly bilingual, once he started with Spanish, he would sometimes skip the English, one of us had to keep reminding him to explain in English as well. The trip was well worth taking none the less.

We got dropped off at the hotel around 11:30, rested for a bit and went to have lunch at the resort restaurant Ave del Paraiso, like yesterday since the main restaurant at the hotel is not open for lunch.

There is much interesting vegetation on the grounds, in fact too many to take pictures of. All look very healthy and exotic.

We sat outside for lunch, don't want to miss the opportunity of being able to enjoy this , it can never be possible in April in Wisconsin

We have an all day boat trip on the Cano Negro (black channel) tomorrow, it is an wildlife spotting and relaxing trip - really looking forward to it.

Decided on 7:00 PM for dinner today as well and made a reservation at Los Tucanes Restaurant accordingly.

Had the grilled Pacific salmon, it was so good. I am really going miss the fresh seafood when I go back to Wisconsin, and will be envious of people who live on either coast.

Ordered room service breakfast, to make it easier for our early pick up tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM. Will retire for the night as soon as I set my alarm.


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  1. It sounds wonderful and warm. Beautiful scenery!