Sunday, April 19, 2015

Arenal to Manuel Antonio

Had a leisurely breakfast and checked out in plenty of time for our 9:00 AM pickup.

The driver guide Oscar appears to be friendly, talkative, and helpful. He stopped at scenic places on the way for picture taking.

We drove for about an hour and then made our first pit stop at San Ramone. Even though we didn't need to stop, the view was beautiful and worth stopping.

A section of the road was dedicated to Pacifica Fernandez, the wife of first president. She also designed the Costa Rican flag based on the French flag. Costa Rica got their independence in 1821 and Independence Day is celebrated on September 21

Most of the drive out of Arenal was on the Pan American Highway, and we veered off of it at Esperza

Stopped for lunch at wayside diner called El Harding, which means The garden. They serve local food which consisted of rice, vegetables, chicken, pork, and beef. All cooked without much spices but were good and filling. It was buffet style at $6/person, that's amazing considering how expensive food was in El Silemcio and Arenal. Maybe food is in general less expensive in this part of the country, will find out at dinner tonight.

Arrived at Si Como No, which means "yes why not" around 2:00 PM. The hotel is located high above the Pacific Ocean. We had been upgraded to a deluxe room, nice touch by our local travel agents. The view out of the hotel lobby is phenomenal and so is the one out of our room.

The room is a suite with two balconies, one out the bedroom area, and the other out of the sitting area, both looking out on the ocean, I am glad we are staying here 3 full days

Went down to the Tiki bar and grill around sunset. Although the sun was more to the north it was still a beautiful view.

They have two for one happy hour from 4:00 to 6:00 pm so we ordered two margaritas. I have to admit they were better than Tabacón by being less sweet.

The servers name was Alexandria and she was really nice as was all the serving staff. The food was nothing fancy or served with flourish but good nonetheless.

Tomorrow we might try the seafood restaurant. We have a full day tour at the Carrara national park, so bound to be hungry after all the walking.

It starts real early, so another early night again, hope we get to walk around the butterfly garden tomorrow.

Location:Hotel Si Como No

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