Thursday, April 23, 2015

Manuel Antonio - San Jose - Atlanta - Milwaukee - Home - April 23

We leave beautiful Costa Rica today.

It was a wonderful 10 days, and now we go back to reality, the weather will definitely be a shock to my system.

We were ready to leave by 7:30 AM, our pickup time.

The drivers name was Alphonso, I am guessing he doesn't speak any English since at the beginning of the trip he said two words, airport and 3 hours and complete silence for the rest of the trip. Very unusual, all our drivers have been very talkative and of course everyone wants to know if we like CR.

All the procedures at the airport were smooth, fast, and hassle free, which is always appreciated.

The first leg of the trip is on a 757 - 200 as was our incoming flight. The flight was mostly smooth and we were served sandwiches and non alcoholic drinks.

The view from the plane was quite nice, with the reefs around Cuba and the view of the Florida Keys.

Landed at Atlanta on time but were told to remain seated until the medical team evacuated an ill passenger.

Didn't have too long an wait though, and we were inside the airport shortly. We needed to clear customs and immigration, claim our checked luggage and then hand it over to the Delta crew to be rebooked to Milwaukee.

Everything went smoothly, the ground staff in Atlanta is really nice and helpful.

The flight left and landed on time in Milwaukee, it was an MD 90 but the ride was smoother than the one going out.

Luggage arrived without delay, found the fast park shuttle waiting outside, got our car and came home at around midnight.

All in all a smooth return home.

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