Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Manuel Antonio NP - April 21

Today we will be going to the Manuel Antonio National Park, which is just 10 minutes down the road from the hotel, so we can start a little later than yesterday.

The howler monkeys must have slept in this morning, I didn't hear them at all.

Got ready and went down to the Tiki Bar to have a buffet breakfast and coffee and waited in the lobby for our pickup.

This is a very beautiful hotel, there is stained glass everywhere and the one in the lobby is truly beautiful.

Pretty soon our ride came and it turned out we had Michael as our guide from yesterday. This was a very pleasant surprise indeed.

Manuel Antonio NP is a very popular destination, so it was quite crowded unlike yesterday. This park is mainly known for lizards and small mammals.

We saw a couple of varieties of sloths and brown version of the Jesus Christ lizard.

The park ends at the beach so that is an added attraction. We rested at the beach for about half an hour and walked back leisurely. There were a total of 8 in our group and two decided to stay back at the beach and come back later.

After we got out of the park, Michael pointed out a street vendor selling green coconut, after leaving India this was my second opportunity to drink from one, the first one was in Bali, almost exactly 5 years ago. It was just right and delicious.

We then walked to a place where they served us fresh fruit and a great frothy pineapple juice. We are the only two returning back to the hotel, the four others were having lunch and going on for their afternoon trip, which I believe was parasailing.

Came back to the hotel, rested up and then went to lunch, We split a pork and cheese sandwich which was a generous sized one.

Not much to do in the middle of the afternoon, no wonder everyone around here takes a siesta.

Went for a walk in the late afternoon/ early evening and took some pictures around the premises.

We went into dinner which was blackened Red Snapper, excellent. The menu seems to have the least amount of choices here but all I have had so far has been very good. The name of our server was Omar, which is an unusual name for here. He said he grew up around here before the hotel was built and hunted iguanas that his mother made a fantastic stew out of. It is now illegal to hunt iguanas

We have a leisurely day tomorrow, our last day in Costa Rica, only two items on the agenda the butterfly garden and packing.

Location:Si Como No

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